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Confusing QBO, which one to buy?

Have you been confused on the qbo pricing page?

For a first time user it might be a little difficult as there are options like Simple start, Plus, Advanced & Freelancers. Here its segregated in 2 types Business & Freelancers, Any form of business irrespective of its size, type, turnover should opt for Simple start, Plus or Advanced depending on their needs however any Self Employed individual working as contractor with several different clients & are eligible for 1099 should opt for Freelancer/self Employed.

The Basic Difference.

Freelancer or self-employed will not only calculate your income & expense but will also keep it organized, Its smart enough to read your bank statements & organizes it & also estimates your taxes. Other than this it also gives you the power to send invoices & receive online payments. Also powerful enough to track your mileage so that you can bill your clients accordingly & of course you can view/download/share your reports on your fingertips.

The Business Plan has features depending on which plan you choose

For a small business or startup who plans to grow fast should opt for the plus plan as its has all the features a business requires & that’s one reason why it is the most popular one however if you already have a bigger or enterprise business then you should opt for Advanced. Click here to see the difference between Simple start, Pro & advanced.

Decide for yourself by exploring the sample files.


Ronaald Ekka

QB consultant & recovery expert.

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