Differences Between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

If you’re wondering what’s the difference QuickBooks desktop And with QuickBooks online version then here are some key differences.

Add-ons: One of the differences is that there are 100s of cloud-based applications available and more being developed all the time for QuickBooks Online. A benefit that’s limited with the QuickBooks Desktop though it has its own other benefits.

Data: With QuickBooks Online, your data will be hosted on intuit’s servers in protected environments instead of on your local computer, network or drives.

Number of users: QuickBooks Online allows you to sign up as many as five users, whereas QuickBooks Desktop allows only one user.

Hosting: You will not need to cover the cost of hosting, as QuickBooks Online will be stored securely on Intuit’s servers. However there are various hosting providers for QuickBooks desktop as well for some additional cost.

Accessibility: With a QuickBooks Online account, you have your data at your fingertips wherever you go, eliminating the need for you to cut-short your holiday or rush to the office computer when need be. It also works with any PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.

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